Friday, September 6, 2013

The point of my life is not usefulness

This morning, one of my dearest friends posted a link to an article. Because I love to read so many various perspectives, and I trust this friend's judgment and often value what she values, I clicked on the link to read. Such a simple story, and yet filled with simple wisdom. 

Immediately, this writer's thoughts resonated with my daily experiences. I often wonder if I am really being useful at all. And the purpose of much of what originally formulated my own writing has been to study how one becomes more useful. So when I first read this post, I was thrown a bit and had to re-read it a couple times. She says at one point:

no matter where I am or what roles I’ve been given, the point of my life is not usefulness, but in knowing God and enjoying Him forever.

So, does that mean that I don't pursue usefulness at all? No, just that if my pursuit is knowing God and enjoying Him forever, then I will naturally be useful to His kingdom. Whether it's in grading papers, cooking a meal for my family, picking up my friend's children from school, or teaching a group of goofy middle school girls, usefulness cannot be my goal. Christlikeness is the goal - Christ maintained perfect communion with the Father. Usefulness is an overflow of that relationship.

Read the rest of her article here:

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